Friday, May 25, 2018

RV-Dreams Rally, Snow Canyon & Zion National Park


According to Dr. Google and the guy in the ER, I would likely be passing a kidney stone in the next 24-48 hours or so. Given that uncertainty, driving a big rig across the Mohave Desert seemed like maybe not the smartest thing to do, but we live for adventure so off we went with Bill & Kelly in the lead.

Borrego Springs - Rockhouse Trail
One of the many cinder cones we saw along the way to Pahrump.

We were headed to Pahrump, NV to attend our second RV-Dreams Rally, this one a reunion for those who had attended a previous rally. Since we had just attended the Boondocking Rally, we qualified!

Our plan was to arrive a day early and set up at the Pahrump Elks Lodge. As luck would have it, it was Taco Tuesday and we wasted no time filling our bellies! The next morning we packed up and headed for the Wine Ridge Resort & Cottages to set up for five days of reunion shenanigans.

Pahrump Elks Lodge. Home of Taco Tuesday!

Arriving at Wine Ridge Resort & Cottages.

We already knew a lot of the folks attending, and it was so nice to meet others. In particular, the Class of 2014 had a great showing and we took the opportunity to gather and take group photos.

Borrego Springs - Rockhouse Trail
The Class of 2014 gang. So many friends, so much fun!

The whole event was fairly chill, which is just the way we like it. There was a couple of catered dinners, a potluck and then final dinner/dance, which is always a highlight. At least for the girls, the guys didn't seem to want to participate much, but that didn't stop those of us who wanted to move a little!




IMG_4480  IMG_4482

Borrego Springs - Rockhouse Trail  Borrego Springs - Rockhouse Trail

Borrego Springs - Rockhouse Trail  Borrego Springs - Rockhouse Trail

Borrego Springs - Rockhouse Trail

Borrego Springs - Rockhouse Trail

Borrego Springs - Rockhouse Trail  Borrego Springs - Rockhouse Trail
It’s not hard to see how much fun everyone had at the reunion with food, drinks and good company!

We had a great time and on the last day, we said our goodbyes and headed off toward Utah. It's hard to say goodbye sometimes, but we usually have so much ahead of us to look forward to, and future plans to see folks again, that we're raring to get our wheels rolling!

And no, I did not pass that damn kidney stone! And -- SPOILER ALERT – as I write this, it’s now the end of May and I have not seen hide nor hair of that stone! I did follow up with my doctor and she told me to get on with my life. She also loaded me up with every conceivable RX I might need should the stone reappear. So with that, I'm moving on. :)

We left Pahrump and headed for the Elks Lodge in St. George, UT, about 180 miles away. We drove right through Las Vegas and neither one of us was tempted to stay and visit. Vegas really isn't our cup of tea.

Click on the image above to see a short video of some of the beautiful views on the way to St. George.

We had heard that the Elks Lodge in St. George is a popular one, but we've never arrived to a completely full lot, until today. Though full, we were not turned away and simply boondocked in a spot with a pretty wonderful view. We were just fine with that and stayed there two nights before moving into a spot with electric for two more.


The Elks Lodge in St. George.

We had stayed in St. George a couple of years ago but just for an overnight. This time we wanted to explore Snow Canyon State Park as well as make it our base camp for a visit to Zion National park.


Breathtaking views in Snow Canyon State Park.

Zion, like most national parks, is a photographer's dream. Though I am usually the one planning our travels and sightseeing,  in cases such as this, Steven takes over. As is his want, the hike he choose required a 4:00 a.m. wake up and a hike along a treacherous goat path in the dark. Oh well, off we go!

IMG_9142  IMG_4549
We arrived in Zion National Park pretty early to view the sunrise.

Sunrise at Canyon Overlook in Zion National Park. It was worth the moderate hike to get there.

Despite Steven’s fancy equipment, Linda managed to capture the best shot of a mountain goat with her iPhone.

zion003  zion001
Adult and young mountain goat along the Canyon Overlook trail in Zion National Park.

Linda on the Canyon Overlook trail.

The crowds start early in Zion’s Visitor Center. The only way to see this section of the park is by bus or on foot.




We had such beautiful weather to wander around and explore Zion.

NEXT UP:  Page, AZ


  1. Replies
    1. Agree! And so, apparently, do a ton of other folks! Sure was crowded in the park, so glad we went early!

  2. Love that sunrise photo of Zion! The moon is a bonus!

    1. I can't say I really noticed that until you pointed it out. Guess I need to pay more attention!

  3. Glad the stone never caused you more issues! Great pics from the rally - so cute of Pat and Bridget :-) Love that you took the "goat path" at Zion, and then saw goats!! Nice catch with the IPhone. The crowds at Zion were nuts when we were there in October, I don't think it's ever not crowded. Can't wait to see the Page pics!

    1. I never even made the connection of goat path and goats! You are very clever. :)

  4. You guys look like you're having a grand time! So glad to hear you haven't had more episodes with kidney stones (fingers crossed it's magically gone?).
    We love Snow Canyon, and find it a peaceful alternative to Zion. But I would imagine that 4:00 a.m. in Zion could be pretty peaceful...not sure if I'll ever find out! Great photo of Steven and the mountain goat!

    1. There was no traffic on the roads when we arrived in Zion, but there were a few people on the trail. Not too many, but some. More arrived as the sun rose, but we bugged out before the crush!

  5. Nice recap! So happy you got to meet everyone! Great sheep pics!