Thursday, March 8, 2018

Moseyin' Across Texas


Since we left Waco we've been somewhat of a moving target. As is our modus operandi, we don't let much grass grow under our feet.

We left Waco on a cool and sunny day, making our way to southwest of Austin where we stayed overnight on the property of my cousin Scotty and his wife, Kris. They have owned this beautiful place for many years, but this was my first time visiting. It was like boondocking in a state park, except with great food and an impressive wine collection. Frankly, I think all state parks should offer those perks, don't you?

We stayed only one night, but hopefully we will catch up with each other in the fall. Scotty and Kris travel part time in a 45' Newmar Mountain Aire so it's possible our paths will cross while on the road.

Hanging out at Scotty and Kris’s place. We love this campground!

We headed to the Elks Lodge in San Antonio, where we spent a couple of days shopping and provisioning. We also planned a date night so we could revisit Budro's, our favorite restaurant on the River Walk. We hired a Lyft to and from the lodge so we could indulge in a few adult beverages. We had a great time.

Full hookups at the Elks Lodge in San Antonio!

IMG_3767  IMG_3784
The River Walk is one of our all time favorite places and the guacamole at Budro’s is to die for.

Steven also spent a morning visiting and photographing the local missions. you can read about that here:

After three nights in San Antonio we moved on to the Lazy L&L Campground outside of New Braunfels. We had planned a week's stay here primarily to spend time with friends, including Bill & Kelly. It was great to finally meet "The Restless Youngs", Cori and Greg. We hadn't met yet in person, but when we had a disappointing meeting with the renovators in early December, it was Cori who talked me off the ledge. She and Greg had already done some renos to their rig and she offered some solid advice.

Cori and Kelly share a few laughs.

The weekend following our arrival at the Lazy L & L happened to be Super Bowl Sunday! Of course, with my beloved Seahawks well out of the running I really didn't care who won as long as it wasn't Tom Brady and the Patriots who I despise with every fiber of my being. Cori and Greg are from Philly and hosted the gang at their place. Tracy and Lee Perkins were gate-guarding about an hour away, so while Lee held down the fort, Tracy made the trip to watch the game. She is an avid Patriots fan and she knew she was walking into enemy territory. She got teased, of course, but she took it in stride. Ultimately, we all just wanted to watch a good game, not a blowout. And wow, it was a great game (made even better when the Philadelphia Eagles took the trophy.)

Steven and I busted out Odie, the new Weber smoker we had just purchased and smoked a brisket. Back when we were in a house we had the larger version of this smoker and we loved it. We've cranked out some really memorable smoked meats, unfortunately, our Super Bowl brisket wasn't one of them. I guess we're out of practice, but we're gonna work on that!

Scoopy got a great wash while at the Lazy L&L. We’d highly recommend Hill Country Shine if you’re in the area.

Among the folks at the campground were Craig and Jo Gebbert. One day Craig just happened to mention that Junior Brown would be playing at the famous Gruene Dance Hall and asked if anyone was interested in going. Steven and I are long-time fans, so we jumped at the chance! My gosh, what an awesome show! I'm not sure the others loved the music as much as we did, but we all enjoyed the evening out.

Junior Brown and his “Guit Steel” was fabulous at Gruene Hall.

Girls night out at the Junior Brown show (actually, the boys were somewhere in the background).

As always happens when we're having fun, our week flew by. It's always sad to leave people we enjoy being with, but we had reservations near Big Bend and Steven needed a photography fix. So we said our goodbyes and headed west.

UP NEXT:  Big Bend National Park..


  1. At least the Mariner's have Ichiro back! Always nice to meetup with friends while on the road. We had to skip Big Bend due to time limitations, so really looking forward to your post(s) from there.

    1. Ichiro!! How exciting is that? I saw a photo from the Seattle Times with two photos, one when he first arrived in Seattle and another from a couple of days ago. What a difference! Glad to have him back! Look for Steven's post from Big Bend, he got some fabulous shots!

  2. I am with you on your love (or lack thereof) of the Patriots, great to see the Eagles take it. Glad you finally got to meet Greg and Cori, they are great people....

    1. We had a great time, and the Eagle's win was so sweet. Nobody expected it. Funny story about all that, but I'll save it for the next time we meet up! :)

  3. What a great recap of your time with us at Lazy L & L - was sad when you left!

    1. I like that our respective descriptions of our night out at the Junior Brown concert are the same. :)

  4. Man I was happy for the Eagles. NFC rules! As for Tom Brady...he looked flat. You could almost say he was a bit deflated.

    1. Jim, where do you come up with these? When the Hawks played the Pats in the Super Bowl, we had deflated meatballs for dinner. And Hawktails and Hawkamole. :)

  5. It was so great to officially meet you guys, although it feels like we've known you for awhile!! And the brisket was yummy!!! Can't wait to connect again in the future.