Saturday, February 21, 2015

Southern Swing - Texas

After a fabulous week at Poches Fish -n- Camp, we reluctantly packed up and headed toward Texas. We planned three stops before returning to the ranch. 


Our drive to Galveston was fabulous, especially along the shores of the Gulf Coast on Bolivar peninsula. It was a gorgeous day. It is typically a fun place to be, but in the dead of winter, not so much. To make matters worse, at least for me, we were there during the Super Bowl. I discovered it is no fun to be in a place where nobody, and I mean NOBODY, cares that the Seahawks were playing again in the Super Bowl. It was so depressing! Toadie was flying her flags, Steven and I were decked out in all our gear, and nobody cared. I hate you, Galveston!

Scoopy is an amphibian again! The GPS has her floating in the water on our way to Sandpiper RV Park.

I guess the good thing about Galveston not having a dog in the Super Bowl hunt is that no one was rooting against the Seahawks, which means I didn't have to put up with all their crap when we lost. Still, I'd rather have a bit of spirit going on, win or lose. Next year, when the Hawks win SB 50, we're going to be in a place where it matters, or at least with people who are fans.

FullSizeRender  IMG_3254
Appropriately colored ingredients for “Hawktails” and even the chicken got in on the act!

“Hawkamole” goodies during the game!

Steven and I celebrated and watch the game and cheered loudly, at least until the last play. Then we sobbed. Loudly. Especially me.

Other than the game, about all we did was go to NASA. That was actually kind of fun, even if it is set up like an amusement park. We enjoyed it anyway.

Our trip to NASA was out of this world! Seriously, it was a really fun experience.

IMG_5568  IMG_5648
The Star Trek Shuttle made an appearance and, oh, did we mention the red “bat” phone??!

Great beach for long walks near our campsite.

IMG_5337  IMG_5452
All decked out in our team’s colors but later we considered going to this beach to drown our sorrows :(

San Antonio

Our stop in San Antonio was like a homecoming. Years ago, in my former life as a public relations executive, I handled PR for The Fairmount Hotel. It was a beautiful place that has a fascinating history. Steven and I spent a lot of time in San Antonio and even took his parents there on one of their visits from Ireland. In San Antonio, I introduced my father-in-law to tequila. He liked it.  :)

We only stayed three days and spent most of our time on the Riverwalk. Winter is such a great time to be there because there are no crowds.

IMG_3309   IMG_5877
Our site at Traveler’s World with a sweet evening view through our front window.

IMG_3325   IMG_3328
At Boudro’s Restaurant on the Riverwalk, complete with our specially-made guacamole.

The Fairmount Hotel, my very first public relations account.

Scenes from the wonderful Riverwalk in San Antonio and our cute selfie at the Alamo :)


Our stop at Buckhorn Lake RV Resort in Kerrville was all about the people. In particular, Paul and Mary Witwer. We first met them in 2009 as they were starting out on their fulltiming journey, and we've talked about getting together again on the road ever since. Though they have since stopped fulltiming and bought a house in their hometown in Kansas, they still travel extensively as "anytimers".

Scenes from Buckhorn Lake RV Park, one of the most relaxing places we’ve stayed.

Paul and Mary have played an important role in our quest to hit the road fulltime. For several years, Mary has graciously counseled us on the ins and outs of the many aspects of fulltiming, and Paul, as our financial adviser, counseled us on how to do it without going broke. As an experienced fulltimer, he knows what it takes to live on the road and has invested our savings accordingly. We feel so lucky to have the advice of someone who has done what we're doing, and who loved it as much as we do. Their advice has been stellar and very much appreciated!

We spent a week with Paul and Mary at Buckhorn, and had the pleasure of meeting Phillip and Valinda Beasley, who were also staying there. Phillip is an instructor for the RV Driving School, and when we discovered that, we immediately signed up for Steven to take lessons. Unfortunately, the very day we were to head out for lesson #1, our main slide would not come in. UGH! Lessons cancelled.

During our stay in Kerrville with good friends Paul and Mary and new friends Phillip and Valinda.

Our slide issue could have been a biggie, both in time and money. But the mobile repair guy who came out to take a look gave us the "I know a guy who knows a guy" line, and we ended up at a local welder's shop. He fix it right up for a whopping $80. We got lucky with that one.

IMG_6117  IMG_6121
Our mobile repair team discuss how to weld our slide back on. We now have a new respect for welders!

All in all, we spend a very relaxing and enjoyable week with our friends in Kerrville. While we were there, Mary got a little Fitbit, so she and I racked up a ton of steps. We did a "walk -n- yak" nearly every day.

After a week in Kerrville, we returned to the ranch for a short stay before making our way to the Escapees Rally in Tucson.

Stay tuned!