Friday, July 25, 2014

Verklempt in Seattle

We have now been in Scoopy for just over two weeks. We have everything we need and it is as organized as it can be. So although we have settled into our daily routine, it's a bit of a false start. We are in limbo. The reason for that is because we are still parked in Issaquah, so close to everything that is familiar to us. In fact, I could walk to my former place of employment.

The notion of "hometown" is somewhat foreign to us. Steven is originally from Dublin, Ireland, but he has spent more than half his life in America. He has lived in the Seattle area longer than any other place and it was here that he became an American citizen. I am Texas-born, but as an "oil brat", we moved far too often to ever consider any place a "hometown". 

The beauty of that, of course, is that we get to choose our own - and we chose Seattle. Today, we decided to go say a proper goodbye to the city we love. For us, the day was routine, something we've done so many times before. It was a chance to visit our favorite places, most of which are centered around food. We parked where we always do and took the elevator to Pike Place Market. The view of the city and waterfront as we step off is breathtaking, no matter the weather. Walking into the market was a familiar assault on our senses as the smell of spices, seafood, baked goods and flowers wafted over us.

The view as we got out of the elevator

seattle-2   seattle-3
A feast for the senses, although the fish doesn’t seem so excited.

Our method of shopping in this area is to first suss out all the offerings and decide what we actually want to purchase. Then we start buying at the place furthest away and make a full loop back through the market. This way, we can browse, window-shop and stop to enjoy the entertainment without being weighed down by multiple shopping bags until we are ready to head home.

Pike Place Market can be miserable on a hot day during the tourist season and in those conditions we would usually avoid it at all costs. Today was overcast and cool, and for some reason, the tourists found other sights to visit. We had no problem navigating our way through the crowd and out to the streets.

seattle-7   seattle-4
So many yummy veggies!                                   How could you even begin to order anything??

seattle-6   seattle-10 
The famous Pike Place sign       The world’s best mac and cheese

seattle-9   seattle-8
We actually avoided Sur La Table on this trip!                      Let’s get all this for our spice rack!

Before we could start shopping, we had to make a stop at Beecher's for a bowl of their famous mac and cheese. Yum. Fortified, we headed up the hill to Penzey's for some Sunny Paris, the best spice concoction on planet earth. We now have a lifetime supply. (I know, I know. I am not supposed to utter those words now that we're living in such a small space, but c'mon! It's Sunny Paris!)

seattle-12   seattle-13
Despite the crowds, not a busy day…                        Sunny Paris rules!!

Next stop, the umami store, otherwise known as DeLaurenti, one of my all-time favorite shops. I had to be judicious in making my selections, so I picked out my favorites - anchovies, Red Boat fish sauce and some duck fat. 

Just around the corner was our next stop, Pike Place Fish. Yeah, this is the place famous for fish tossing. We were there to buy a couple of crabs. Typically we would not make our purchase from this particular location, as there is a slight premium for all that flying entertainment. But, as it happens, today they had the best selection, so we went for it.

seattle-14   seattle-15
We know Jason from our All Critters days. He prepared and cleaned the crabs

steven   seattle-17
Got crabs?                                All stocked up on the best stuff on earth

As we headed back to our car, it dawned on me how much I will miss Seattle and the Pacific Northwest in general. Even though we will be back next summer, I got a little choked up at the thought of leaving.

And yet, I am so ready to go. We stayed in Issaquah primarily so Zac could finish out the month at his job and have a place to stay on the weekends, but also in case our house needed our attention. We still have a few loose ends to tie up, a few more friends to hug and then we are out of here. One week from today, we roll. We have never been so prepared in our lives.


  1. I know exactly how you are feeling. It is a bittersweet time. Reminds me of the 2 weeks we spent in Milwaukee after we took delivery and before we hit the road. You'll probably shed a few more tears before you roll, but once those wheels start turning and the views start changing, it will all seem like the greatest thing ever. So excited for you.

    1. I am surprised at how emotional I have been. Steven says he's never seen me so "teary". I am kind of dreading having to say goodbye to the kids. :(

  2. I can't wait to see the Pikes market, we've heard so much about it. I hope we're still on for Tues. I have you down on the calendar. See you then.

    1. Yes, Dee! We are looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday! You will love PPM - and I hope you go on a day like we did. When it's packed, it's kind of tough to get around and see things. Go early!

  3. one last week and it will be time to really hit the road!! enjoy your final days this go round in your 'hometown'!!
    we all know you will come back, but not before you see a ton of new scenery out the windshield! it would be time dear friends!!

  4. I love this idea! Bill has been here a decade longer than me, but it's "our" hometown. I think making a "last round" of our favorite places (also food-based) and stocking up on special/local items is a perfect personal good-bye :-)).
    All the pics are great - the one of Steve is priceless!!

    1. We really had the best time. And our crabby dinner wasn't too shabby either. Let's stay in touch and you can show me your umami stores. :)

  5. One week and the real fun begins.

    1. Oh, we are so ready to go! Lots to do this week, so it should go by fast!

  6. YIPPEE for you two!!
    We're two years behind you and can't wait!
    Ron and I went to Seattle a few years back via train from Sacramento. Loved Pike Place Market and the various touristy areas. It's a lovely home town.