Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Top Seven Things I Will Miss on the Road

Not so long ago I wrote a blog post about the top ten things I'm looking forward to in our new life on the road. Of course transitioning from one lifestyle to another means there will be some compromises. This is neither a good nor bad thing but it's just something to be acknowledged.

So, while I couldn't come up with ten things, here is a top seven list of what I will miss about my current sticks and bricks life (in no particular order):

 shower  1. Long Showers

Long showers in my own bathroom, that is. I'm sure we'll still be able to take long showers using campsite facilities but it's just not the same as my own space. Okay, that sounds like a First World problem but, come to think of it, most of them are :)

mail-0  2. Mail/Shipments

We plan on converting all of our physical mail to digital before we leave. Most of what we get in the mail is either bills or junk so there's no love lost there. But let's say I break a camera part and need a replacement, having no fixed address can cause problems with having something shipped. Unless, of course, we are planning to be at one place for a while. I'm sure we will figure it out but it's a pain in the butt.

exercise-friends-clipart  3. Proximity to Friends

I don't see friends often but when I want to, it's nice to have them relatively near. Being on the road does not afford that same luxury. Oh, and about that picture, seems like these friends are exercising together. I don’t do that.

wifi  4. Reliable Cell/Internet Service

While I wouldn't exactly call our current non-stellar Internet service reliable, it gets the job done most of the time. I am a heavy multimedia user, watching videos, downloading and uploading photos, etc. Using traditional wifi enables me to do all this without any care about my data usage. It's going to take quite an adjustment to get used to counting data bytes. I know I will need to dramatically adjust my habits. 

Also, because we have three kids (okay, adults), it's important that we are almost always available by phone. Luckily we have Verizon which really does have the greatest coverage for our needs.

bed-clip-art  5. King Bed

Another First World problem I realize but Linda and I like a big bed. We have a queen sized bed in Scoopy and it feels significantly smaller than the king we have right now. Again, I believe we can get used to it. Right, honey?

picture  6. No Wall Space

This is a curious one for me. I only realized how much I enjoy having artwork on our walls. We have collected some paintings over the years and I have some large prints of my photographs. There is no place to hang anything on this scale in Scoopy. My iPad will have to suffice.

toiletseat  7. High Pressure Toilet

What can I say? This one speaks for itself :D

All of these things are relatively easy to get used to as soon as we hit the road and learn how to live in this new space called fulltiming. In fact, we’ll probably have a brand new list of the things we will miss about our house but change is good. 

Sunday, April 27, 2014


When last we blogged, Scoopy was heading back to the shop for her final upgrades and, as it turned out, a couple more repairs. We thoroughly enjoyed our time with her, but as always, it was too short. We seem to just about hit our stride when it is almost time to leave. But leave we did, and we deposited Scoopy outside the gates of the shop and left with her new residential fridge still running. We had no idea how to turn it off, or how to turn the inverter off. With all new things, there is a learning curve. Sigh. Fortunately, with her new batteries and new inverter, all was well when Jeff got to her on Monday morning.

We also made a serious newbie mistake when we drove her all the way to the shop with the over-the-air TV antenna up. (Yes, a couple of folks honked at us but we just waved at them.) It didn't break or anything and it doesn't seem to work anyway, so we didn't worry about it.

Luckily our OTA antenna didn’t end up like this guy!

A couple of good things came from the fact that we had constant and heavy rain during our shakedown trip. We found that the repairs on Scoopy's windshield wipers didn't work, and we also discovered a couple of leaks in the driver side windows. Once back in the shop, Jeff discovered that the manufacturer of her windows had long ago gone out of business, but he did track down some parts that he said, "when they're gone, they're gone." So at his urging, we purchased enough parts for all the windows should they fail in the future. Our task is to remember where we store them so we can find them should the need arise.

In a rare moment without rain at Blue Sky, we spotted this wonderful sight!

But this blog entry is about milestones, and we've had a couple of those recently.

Milestone #1 - Scoopy is finally back in her cozy storage space.


Scoopy got her new Oxygenics shower kit installed, had some work done on her windows, and with a tweak here and a tightened screw there, she was finally finished and ready to go. She has been unshackled from the repair shop and back in Puyallup.

Milestone #2 – Steven’s Retirement!

Inspired by the Oscars selfie photo, Steven looks genuinely happy to be escaping corporate America!

Last Friday, Steven officially retired from his job at All Critters Animal Hospital. They gave him a nice send-off with some, um, interesting parting gifts. He really enjoyed working with this crew and will miss them. But, now that he's "unemployed", the real work begins. He will turn his attention to downsizing and preparing for the estate sale and the sale of our home.

Steven and I are both serious procrastinators. We should have started going through our stuff a year ago, but we didn't. So that leaves the bulk of the work to be done in May and June. We have made a small dent in the past few weeks but it’s only the tip of the iceberg. This is not unfamiliar territory for us, though, we tend to do our best work when under pressure so we are confident we will get it all done.

Out with the shelves we are keeping, in with the shelves and crap we are selling. Whew!

living    coasters
Our living room is housing all of our “keep” stuff.        One of our favorite items; a stone coaster set, is a keeper!

I will continue to work until the end of May. We have hired my replacement and I am in the process of training her to take over scheduling surgeries for the practice. My role as Front Desk Manager has already been turned over to one of my coworkers, so each day I find my work load is dwindling. This is a good thing.

Onward to more milestones.