Saturday, March 29, 2014

Liberating Scoopy!

After two and a half months at the spa, we finally liberated Scoopy just in time for a 3-day getaway. Our plan was to arrive at 11:30 am and spend a leisurely couple of hours or so going over the operation of new things and to learn how to hook up and unhook Toadie Hopper. Yep, she finally got her baseplate!

scoopy    pressurepro
Scoopy is ready to roll (so we thought)!       Steven installed our Pressure Pro sensors on Toadie Hopper.

As is common in the world of RVers, however, that plan soon went out the window. Something was amiss. We weren't sure what was going on, we were too busy unloading and storing all the goodies we brought with us into our new residential refrigerator. Once that was done, we sat around for a while until Jeff, our reno guy, finally told us that Scoopy no longer had blinker lights or emergency lights.

Jeff and a coworker trying to figure out why Scoopy had no working turn signals.

Okay, we thought, this will be an easy fix. We maintained that happy-go-lucky attitude until Jeff finally said, "I'm running out of ideas." Oh crap. So to give Jeff a bit of breathing room, Steven and I headed off to a nearby Ikea.

On the way to Ikea, trying to stay positive.

Now, in our former lives, we would have spent hours there and purchased cart after cart of crap we didn't need. This time, it was just painful to even have to walk through the maze of aisles full of stuff we were not even remotely interested in. (Progress!)

Finally, after wasting all the time we could stand, we headed back to the shop. Just as we were about to arrive, Jeff called. All was fixed! We were elated! As we slogged through Ikea, we had talked about the very real possibility that our camping trip would not happen. We were both massively depressed.

At this point, our initiation to our new systems was like speed dating. Do this, then do that, poof! Bob's your uncle! kthxbai! It wasn't just that Jeff wanted to be done, we were chomping at the bit to hit the road!  Jeff is our hero.

jeffcross    filterholder
Jeff explaining that we should criss-cross      We had the water filter mounted to the wall.
applesauce our wires when towing.

inverter   brakebuddy
New inverter panel. We have no idea           Installing the Brake Buddy. We have no idea how to work it yet.
how to work it yet.

Though this was our first time ever towing our little Toadie Hopper, we had an easy drive to Blue Sky RV Park in Preston, WA. It's always a crapshoot as to which site we'll end up getting at Blue Sky, even though we requested our beloved site #21. We were quite happy when our reservation, pinned to the outside board, indicated we were to be in site #23. The site itself is exactly the same, but the view is slightly different. Who cares? It's raining, so we can't see much anyway, so we were thrilled!

blueskyentrance    23
At Blue Sky with partially blue skies. Hasn’t stopped raining since.    YAY! Site #23!

After we unhooked Toadie Hopper, I drove Scoopy into the campground with Steven following behind. As I approached our site, I saw that someone had parked their own little Toyota in our space. I was tempted to lay on the air horn, but thought better of it. Steven knocked on a few doors. He might was well been asking about a robbery in the Bronx - nobody saw nuthin'.

Found this rogue car in our site. Grrrrrr!

We called the office and soon camplady and dude showed up and also began knocking on doors. Eventually someone came and claimed their car without so much as a wave. Nearly four hours later than anticipated, we were right where we wanted to be.

Now we have three glorious days to check out all of our renos. Life is freakin' awesome.


  1. Happy trails to the Chouters!
    Jana M.

  2. Welcome to the wonderful world of RV'ing. What a life! I hope the rain moves out.

  3. If you just continue with that attitude, you'll do just fine!

  4. freakin' awesome indeed!! enjoy the weekend!!