Saturday, March 15, 2014

Keeping Dreams Alive

88520-84635 At the end of a blog post I wrote on March 18, 2009 I said, "That's how the idea of Steven and Linda as fulltimers came to be. We have five years and five months until we hit the road. We can't wait. Dear God, please let Zac love college! :)"

A lot can happen in five years and five months to change the course of our lives, and in fact, a lot did. The economy tanking for one. That sucked, and it certainly became a challenge for us as we put our big ass lake house (BAH) on the market at the worse possible time. We had three kids to get through high school and into college. We had a ton of stuff to get rid of, and we hadn't even begun our search for a fulltiming rig, and still had no idea what we wanted.

There were so many variables, in fact, at times it seemed easier to give up our dream of fulltiming than to do what it would take to see it through. For a while, we just forgot about it. We had to, if we were to stay sane. We had to live our lives in the moment in order not to wish the years away.

But just as there are events that can derail the dream, there are also those that push it forward. Our kids managed to stay on course, we sold the BAH and did not lose money, and the recovering economy found our lost investments. And amazingly, we found Scoopy. More than anything else, this propelled us forward. With our fulltiming rig purchased and everything else seemingly on track, our thoughts turned to going fulltime as soon as possible.

So here we are, five years after my blog post, and in five months, we will hit the road as fulltimers. That's not to say we don't have a ton of work left to do, because we still have a house and all that stuff. We still have two kids going off to college. But at least now, we have a plan. A great plan.

4/25 - Steven's last day at work

5/30 - Linda's last day at work

6/2 -   Linda's mom arrives to help go through stuff

6/7 -   Linda's dad arrives to help go through stuff

6/13 - Zac & Tara graduate from High School

6/16 - Linda's Mom & Dad drive off in a U-Haul taking our stuff to Texas

6/27 - Estate Sale

6/28 - Estate Sale

6/29 - Stage the house

6/30 - The house goes on the market

7/2 -   Steven moves Tara to San Diego for college

8/1  -  Move into Scoopy

8/2 -   Move furniture into Zoe's apartment in Bellingham

8/3  -  Move furniture into Zac's apartment (location unknown right now)

8/15 - Hit the road

Of course, there's so much to do in order to make all this happen, but at least we have a plan. Send us your Mojo, we need all the help we can get!


  1. Old man MOJO coming at you guy's!!!! :)

  2. we can so relate to that one paragraph where 'living life in the moment and not wishing our life away'..this will be quite the next few months for the whole family..can't wait to read all about your preparations as the days go by..soon this will be all but a distant memory, and the only 'worry' will be ..where are you going to park tonight!!

  3. Wow, don't worry about mojo, you already have it. So ORGANIZED!! And family coming to help...

    You can't fail, friends.

  4. I could not believe it's been five years since you uttered those words. I actually went back to your old blog, Future Tripping and looked it up. Sure enough, there it was. Wow, the time went fast. And I admit back then I never thought you'd actually do it. But here you are! You are just too darned focused and organized. :)