Tuesday, June 18, 2013

On the Road Again (Part Deux)

Once we were fully settled into #22, we had an enjoyable afternoon unpacking all the stuff we brought with us. We got Scoopy’s Coffee and Wine Bar all set up and immediately whipped up a couple of lattes. Steven was supposed to purchase fresh coffee pods at the store, but I forgot to add them to the list and therefore, he forgot. We did already have some Starbucks pods packed, but there was one slight issue – they expired in 2006. With a bit of trepidation, we tried them anyway. For a couple of former Starbucks baristas, I guess we’re not all that picky. They were delicious!

Our coffee (and wine) bar and a delicious Linda-made breve latte!

Eh...just a tiny bit expired.
We put the new linens on the bed, set up our two little tables, put away our dishes and generally putzed around until it was time to make dinner. Steven had purchased a roasted chicken for our dinner, but we realized we had left it sitting on the kitchen counter at home, so we had to go with Plan B.

Plan B involved using our convection oven contraption for the first time ever. I had no idea what I was doing, but happy hour was in full swing and I just kept punching buttons until it made some noise. I assumed our beautiful little Brussels sprouts were roasting away and that dinner would soon be ready. They weren’t, and it wasn’t.  Each time I checked on them, those little suckers were hard as rocks. Finally, two hours after we began preparations, dinner was served. By this time, happy hour had long been extended and we were quite happy ourselves.

Brussels sprouts, when they were finally cooked, they were spectacular!
Aside from the minor annoyances at Blue Sky, there is one thing that is downright bothersome. No WiFi. Last time we happily poached off someone close by, but this time, there was no poaching to be had. With no television or Internet, we were left to our own entertainment devices. We were not completely without technology, however, at least we had 3G and Spotify. With that, Steven took on the role of DJ and we spent the evening revisiting all the songs we knew and loved at the time we were dating. We spent three hours singing our way down memory lane and had an absolute blast!

Sorry but you are not connected to the Innerwebz

With no Internet access, we enjoyed the view of the neighbors hoses.

One of the essential additions to our beloved Scoopy!


  1. Don't you have a regular TV antennae on our roof. they work pretty good just about anywhere. If you do let me know and I can send you sites to aim it and find OTA programs.

  2. that would be roughing it, if there was no 'poachin' to be had!!!