Sunday, May 19, 2013

Welcome to our new blog!

It has been a very long time since you've heard from us by way of our blog, but the fact is, our lives have either been a whirlwind, or we've had nothing new to report. I wish this was an easy transition for those who followed us on "Future Tripping", but so much has happened, I find it nearly impossible to bridge the gap between then and now.

Let me try to catch you up.

A miracle occurred and we finally sold the Big Ass House on Pine Lake.

In spite of our insistence that we would never again own a house, we went right out and bought another one, within walking distance of the BAH. Our neighborhood barely changed. Though we downsized by 40 percent in the size of our new house, we didn't get rid of a single thing from the BAH. So yeah, all that crap I packed up 3 years ago is still with us. Mostly it is in our garage, but at least we have a little goat path that allows access to the house. I am still working on the plan to get rid of it all.

With Zoe away at Western Washington University, we now have only two kiddos at home, both of whom will be seniors next year. When we first began planning our escape into fulltiming, those two were in 4th grade. Time really is marching on.

The big news, and the reason for the new blog, is the fact that tonight, we are writing this blog post from Sacramento, CA, where we arrived this morning and took possession of our new-to-us Class A RV.

While she may be new-to-us, she is no doubt familiar to those who follow Laurie and Odel's "Semi-True Tales of Our Life on the Road".

Yep, we are now the proud owners of Scoopy, the beautiful 2002 Travel Supreme.

More than anything we would love to regale you with the hilarity of our first day of RV Boot Camp, but that will have to wait until tomorrow. We've had very little sleep over the past couple of days, and our boot camp continues bright and early in the morning.

But, here is just a sippet of a few important things that we have learned today:

1.  We need to work on our RV hand signals so that we may avoid falling off a cliff.
2.  That curb is closer than you think.
3.  If you twist a knob that is meant to be tapped, it will fall off into your hand.
4.  New coffee makers do not always come with filters. 
5.  Driving a big ass RV is not as easy as you might think.

Tomorrow, things are about to get real. We hit the actual highway. Big hills, up and down. And - wait for it - the big lesson on dumping, and more learning all about the ins and outs of Scoopy and her systems.

We have to get it right tomorrow, because Monday morning, we'll be barreling down the highway to Redding, California all by ourselves on our week-long maiden voyage back to Sammamish. Keep your fingers crossed and send us some serious RV mojo!

There she is! Laurie and Odel had her all set up for us the day we arrived.

The Key Exchange! She's all ours, now what?

Opening the door to new adventures!

In my new happy place trying not to take out a stop sign!

We moved from the Elk's Lodge to the nearby KOA for full hookups...

We got her all set up (with Laurie and Odel's help, of course)

Sadly, not all views out that IMAX window are worth looking at  :)

Assuming the position!

Steven stakes out his spot!


  1. Congrats and Best of luck!! Can't wait to hear of your adventures!

  2. Best of luck on the new adventure. Before you know it the kiddos will be in college and you can get down with some serious traveling.

  3. Good luck, relax, & have fun!! You'll do fine!

  4. I'm so grateful that you will be blogging, so we can keep a link to "our baby". You two will do great! You will learn SO MUCH in the next week. Let the adventure begin.

  5. welcome back to blogville!! and congrats on your new to you 'scoopy'! safe travels as you continue your journey towards home!

  6. Congratulations on your new "freedom machine" !!

    I think I can speak for everyone when I say we missed your wonderful sense of humor !!

    Teresa and I wish you nothing but the best this RV life has to offer.

    Take care ... TnT