Sunday, May 26, 2013


When we planned our maiden voyage to bring Scoopy home to Washington, we thought 180-225 mile travel days would be too short. We are not used to stopping so early in the day. Still, we wanted to make sure we had plenty of time to get to know Scoopy, so we made all but one of our reservations for two nights.

In reality, a couple of those travel days seemed excruciatingly long.  And the true luxury of a rest day cannot be overstated. When we arrived in Grants Pass, OR, my lower back was so sore, I could hardly walk. The first thing we bought in the funky little campground store was a big fat bottle of Ibuprofen.

On our rest day in Grants Pass, we enjoyed our wonderful campsite, Joe Creek Waterfalls RV Resort. We would highly recommend this place to everyone, by the way, beautiful scenery and very reasonable rates. In the early afternoon we had visitors! I guess Laurie and Odel could be counted as “first guests” since on our last day with them we did actually serve wine, so that would make Gordon and Juanita our first “on the road” guests.

In any case, we spent the majority of the afternoon catching up with each other and discussing the general RVing gossip and goings on. They brought Abbey, the world’s most adorable beagle, who had a blast sniffing through the rig.

Picturesque barn on the grounds of Joe Creek Waterfalls RV Resort

The entrance to Joe Creek Waterfalls RV Resort

We went for an early morning walk to check out a local grocery store

Gordon and Juanita, our first "on the road" guests

Abbey, the cutest beagle EVER!!
Just before dinner time, we loaded up into their truck and headed to Fred Meyer. I really do not enjoy shopping, but I confess I was in heaven. When you don’t have access to the things you need (want. . .) it can get depressing. We filled our basket with all those things we felt would make us more comfortable; food, wine, the much sought-after six-foot ladder, a pair of scissors, and some flatware. It’s the little things in life that make us happy.

Gordon keeps a cooler in the back of his truck, so in went the cold stuff while the rest got tucked in securely. We then headed to a 50’s style diner for burgers, and man, they were outstanding! A whole bus load of people showed up at the same time, and we managed to share in their free milkshakes. What a treat!

We so appreciate that Gordon and Juanita made the trip to come visit. We enjoyed our time with them, as we always do, and look forward to seeing them again in Washington later in the summer.


  1. Fellow RV'ers make the world go round.

    We are best friends with people we met on the road, and in fact, we are going on a cruise this winter with a bunch of them.

    Glad you finally got a ride to the grocery store without taking Scoopy.


  2. how great that Gordon and Juanita and little Miss Abbey came for a visit! nice to see their smiling faces again!!

  3. I recently found your blog via On the Road Abode. Your title of the day caught my eye so I read it. Now I'm starting at the beginning of your journey to catch myself up. When are you planning to start your full time adventure? My husband and I are just under two years away ourselves. Also, did you fly down to Sacramento to pick up Scoopy? We live outside of Sacramento and have stayed in the same KOA many years ago when we were looking at houses to buy in the area.
    Best of luck on your journey!

  4. Hi Rene! We moved into Scoopy and will begin our travels next week! We did fly to Sacramento to buy Scoopy, but of course we drove her back to Seattle. It was nerve-wracking, we were such newbies! Good luck in your preparations to get on the road. That time will be here before you know it!

    1. I'm all caught up now and love your story.
      Happy Travels!

    2. Wow, you are a trooper wading through all those blogs! Thanks for sticking with us!